Who Are We?

Web-erp and consulting is created for the reason to give flexible and a competitive solution for small and manufacturing companies.This time is no problem to reach the internet from jet from the pike, from the desert, so almost from anywhere. therefor we created a web-based Web-ERP system for mainly small businesses.

We have experience from SAP and Oracle and we understand that this system is for major companies. But there are so many companies,where you need to collect information from the production area. This is where we come in the picture. We created a unique ERP system, which is ready to collect data from the production area. It is important when you would like to know what is going on the big project and letter on you need to save this data.

For example:

You have a company and you produce electrical mainstay and you would like to know 10 years from knowing what happened in the production are during the production of the exact stanchion.

We can tell you who worked on it, how long time, where any problem during the production process or not. We have a module for planning the production and to endorse processes step by step. We tailored the system to the needs of companies, this makes easier to use the program.

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You can take contact with us with any of your question even your question is not directly connect to IT!

+43 676 4514344

Don't hesitate to Contact Us


Don't hesitate to Contact Us

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